Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-bath-time-walkthroughBath Time Walkthrough

Welcome to our Cut the Rope Bath Time Walkthrough section! Are you having trouble with a particular level or is the last star eluding your best efforts? Are you tired of seeing that sad look on Om Nom’s little green face?

Well, you have come to the right place! Below you will find Cut the Rope Experiments Bath Time Walkthrough videos for each level. Our video guides provide you with pinpoint instructions on how to clear each level and get all three stars!

We hope you have enjoyed our Cut the Rope video game guide. Remember to visit us frequently for more Cut the Rope game cheats, tips, guides, and walkthroughs. Our Cut the Rope guides can be used with Apple iOS, Android, and the Cut the Rope online game.


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Cut the Rope can be a very challenging video game. It is our hope that our Cut the Rope tips, cheats, and guides will help you beat each Cut the Rope level with 3 stars and max score. Our Cut the Rope guides can be used for all versions of Cut the Rope, including Cut the Rope online, Cut the Rope iOS, and Cut the Rope Android.

Cut the Rope is one of the most downloaded video games ever and has spawned numerous products, such as Cut the Rope plush toys, Cut the Rope shirts, and other Cut the Rope toys.

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