Welcome to our 3 Star Cut the Rope Experiments Walkthrough.  We have decided to release an unoptimized 3 star Cut the Rope Experiments Walkthrough both to give our readers an overview of the new Cut the Rope game, but also aid readers having trouble with certain Cut the Rope Experiments levels.  As such, while these walkthroughs show how to get all 3 stars on each level of Cut the Rope Experiments, they do not give the highest scores possible for each level.

We will be updating this page regularly until we have posted all 75 new levels from Cut the Rope Experiments.

As always, if any of our readers have a better solution for any of the levels for Cut the Rope Experiments, please do not hesitate to share your solution with the Cut the Rope Cheats community!


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Cut the Rope is one of the most downloaded video games ever and has spawned numerous products, such as Cut the Rope plush toys, Cut the Rope shirts, and other Cut the Rope toys.

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