Cut the Rope AndroidGreat news for all of you Android Cut the Rope fans out there: ZeptoLab is finally getting around to updating Cut the Rope for Android with the Toy Box levels.  ZeptoLab has announced that they will be releasing Cut the Rope Toy Box update for Android within the next week.  Android users will now enjoy 25 new Toy Box levels with all new play mechanics.

Players will now be able to use special bounce pads to help deliver the candy to our favorite green monster, Om Nom.  The bounce pads introduce a new element of play to Cut the Rope and allow for horizontal movement of the candy.

The Cut the Rope update also includes an added save feature that allows you to save your progress across devices.

Cut the Rope for Android can be purchased for 99 cents from either the Amazon Appstore or the Android Market.  Users who already own Cut the Rope can download the update for free.

So now the big questions is when can Android users expect Cut the Rope Experiments?!!?  Hurry up, will ya?!

If you need any help with Cut the Rope Toy Box for Android, please be sure to check out our detailed video walkthrough here.  Android Toy Box Walkthrough





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